Finding Health And Wellness At A Thailand Health Retreat

Thailand has been a popular travel destination for a while, and now with health and wellness travel becoming so popular, the beautiful country is rapidly gaining popularity with spa travelers from all over the world.

Thailand’s rain forests, lush landscapes, and seacoasts are the perfect setting for relaxation and seclusion.  Thailand’s friendly and well-trained employee population provide health spa retreats Thailand an abundant service staff and allows them to offer a wide variety of treatments, programs, and activities.

A Thailand health retreat can offer some of the very best in mind and body therapies.


The Atmanjai resort was founded by Staff Farish and Michael Massey.  It offers a cleansing and detox experience, primarily through a seven-day course.  The course helps guests completely cleanse and rejuvenate with very little discomfort.  

The resort is located in Phuket, an island in the Andaman Sea.  Phuket is one of the most beautiful parts of southern Thailand.  The entire resort was refurbished in 2004 and all rooms now have air-conditioning, a Bali-style bathroom, and televisions with cable and DVD.  
The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is situated on Phangan Island, a small island located near Samui Island.  The resort sits in a dense rain forest near Had Tien beach.  This Thailand health retreat offers a detox and cleansing program taught by health and massage therapists.  

They also offer yoga and other exercise classes.  The resort offers Thai-style bungalows, as well as villas and dorm rooms.  Guests praise the resort’s vegetarian and seafood restaurants, along with a raw food  selection.  Guests are also welcome to partake of the resort’s beach movie nights, music club, and boat and snorkeling trips.

Spa Resort Chiang Mai

This health retreat sits in the middle of a mango plantation on the outer edge of Chiang Mai, one of the major population centers of northern Thailand. This beautiful resort offers guests 32 rooms in the main hotel building, along with fifty duplexes and villas.  The resort provides a full range of yoga classes and health programs.  

There are two swimming pools, a tennis court, an outdoor fitness and cardio circuit, a Thai steam room, and a bocce ball pitch.  The resort also offer several detox resort thailand for both cleansing and weight loss, as well as raw food and meditation classes.  Guests may also purchases villas at the resort.  

Chiva Som Resort

The Chiva Som Resort is located on the Gulf of Thailand near the town of Hua Hin, about four hours from Bangkok.  The resort has 58 pavilions and rooms for guests.  All guests are also offered a health consultation to determine the state of their health and what they may need.  

A personal advisor will then work with the guest to design a treatment program that includes nutrition, counseling, treatment of illnesses, and exercise.   The resort and spa staff includes spa therapists, fitness instructors, nutritionists, licensed physicians, and alternative health consultants.  

There are also specialized programs for anti-aging, weight loss, skin rejuvenation, and stress reduction.  The resort also includes a high-tech fitness center, hydro and plunge pools, massage rooms, and steam rooms.  

Any of these would a good choice in a Thailand health retreat.   They offer the best in health and wellness resort services in luxurious settings.

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